Professional Development

Notes on Board

India offers professional development opportunities through the SuperSprouts program. India customizes your professional development session to help your team answer the question,

“How does schoolyard-enhanced learning mesh with what we know as educational best practice?” – Herbert Broda

A typical professional development session will include a client-specific presentation and time to workshop and collaborate. Sessions are available in full-day or half day slots. Please contact India for further information.

Currently, many teachers do not have the time or flexibility in their schedule to conduct customized, small group instruction outdoors. Teachers who wish to incorporate nature-based learning into their day may be unsure of how to do so. The SuperSprouts program meets the needs of both students and teachers by helping them reach their full potential. Students are given the opportunity to learn through nature and to apply their new skills in the classroom and social spaces. Teachers are able to better connect with their students, who, as a result of their participation in SuperSprouts can better attend to their classwork.

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