SuperSprouts is a framework for teaching children of all abilities. SuperSprouts lessons and activities offer targeted instruction rooted in the natural world. Lessons are differentiated and designed to meet the needs of individual students or small groups. SuperSprouts lessons connect reading skills with nature and the outdoor classroom. Practices are evidence-based and children centered.

Teaching and Tutoring

India Simons, M.Ed. offers specialized reading and learning support. India is a Pennsylvania certified Reading Specialist with over ten years of experience. Customized programs include instruction and assessment.

Are you ready to reach out for Reading Support?

Professional Development

Many teachers want to take their students outside, but are not sure where to start. Creating an outdoor classroom doesn’t have to mean building a new space, but a new way of thinking. Professional Development seminars guide teachers and administration through the questioning and creating process. The SuperSprouts framework considers student needs, district curriculum, and state standards.

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