SuperSprouts is a customized, educational approach offering “out-of-doors” and nature-based lessons and activities as a means to engage students, facilitate learning, and meet academic, behavioral, and social goals. SuperSprouts is founded on principles of personalized and targeted instruction rooted in the natural world.

SuperSprouts serves elementary students in general and special education. All SuperSprouts classes and programs are designed and facilitated by a certified teacher and horticultural therapist.

India Simons works with your educational program to maximize students’ learning experiences through meaningful connection with nature and the outdoors. The SuperSprouts program helps learning come alive for every student.

Why SuperSprouts?

Including nature or garden-based lessons and activities in your curriculum opens the door to learning for all students. Students of all ages and abilities benefit from out-of-doors learning experiences. Research shows that cognitive development increases in accordance with time spent in green spaces.

“Educational programs conducted in nature tend to provide a greater range of options better matched to children’s varied learning styles and personalities than do programs limited to indoor classroom activity.” -Moore, R. (1997)    

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The Philosophy

The SuperSprouts program is entirely customizable. Through engaging out-of-doors lesson plans and activities, students extend their literacy and math skills. They develop a deeper appreciation for the environment and for each other. Students build social skills, practice speaking and listening and apply what they learn.

While the SuperSprouts program is, at its heart, an outdoor program, programming does not take place exclusively outside. We recognize that despite it’s many benefits, learning can’t take place outside ALL the time. Sometimes extreme weather keeps us indoors and when it does, SuperSprouts is ready with comprehensive plant-and nature based lessons suitable for the indoor classroom.  

The Lingo

The term “lesson” refers to the session purpose, plan, instruction, and methodology as a whole. The term “activity” refers to the actions and projects undertaken during the lesson. SuperSprouts lessons may integrate the core content areas with science and social studies for a truly cross-curricular experience, or lessons may target a specific skill such as building comprehension or math fluency. It’s all driven by the needs of the student!  


Assessment may be both formal and informal, curriculum-based, both formative and summative. Comprehensive data collection and progress monitoring may be used to inform targeted instruction and to meet specific goals and objectives. The SuperSprouts program aims to help teachers make the most out of their lesson time. For this reason lessons may also address Pennsylvania state standards and district curriculum. 

Who benefits from the SuperSprouts program?

Elementary students of any ability level can benefit from the SuperSprouts program. SuperSprouts lessons and activities engage and challenge K-6 students by appealing to all of their senses and promoting a sense of agency. SuperSprouts also engages multiple intelligences and learning styles. Preschool programs are also available. Just ask!

Teachers benefit too! Contact India to learn more about SuperSprouts’ Professional Development options.

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