What is SuperSprouts?

Targeted learning rooted in the natural world!

Literacy development in connection with nature!

Research-based AND Student Centered!

For K-6 students of ALL abilities!

Informed instruction to foster reading achievement!

Reading Support

India Simons offers customized learning sessions through her SuperSprouts program.

“My daughter’s sessions with India helped strengthen her reading skills. Her schoolwork improved, and now she looks forward to reading!”

SuperSprouts Parent

SuperSprouts is a framework for teaching students of ALL abilities.

India provides teaching and tutoring to elementary students of ALL abilities. Click here to discover your ‘best fit’ program.

Professional Development is key. Click here to connect and learn how SuperSprouts can help YOU take your teaching outside.

India Simons, M.Ed. is a Pennsylvania Certified Elementary and Special Education teacher, and Reading Specialist. Click here to learn more about India.

Photo credit to Lily Simons

“Outdoor education is not a subject area; rather it is an instructional tool that can be used to enhance instruction in a variety of disciplines.” – Herbert Broda

“The link between student motivation and achievement is straightforward. If students are motivated to learn the content in a given subject, their achievement in that subject will most likely be good.” – Robert Marzano, What Works in Schools: Translating Research Into Action, 2003